You have 3 search filters : Filters (General), Events, Jobs. In each one of them, you can establish parameters to filter your search.
If you create one, the rest of the community will be able to see what you publish and they may also participate in it.
If you follow a theme you will be notified whenever new content is added to that particular theme.
There are several themes called channels in which you will be able to share and exchange information with the community. In each one of them, you can create your own theme.
Easy. Clicking delete on the tab that appears when clicking on the group name. If you have not created the group, but you want to abandon it, click Leave in the tab that appears when you click on the name of the group and that's it!
Click on the group chats title and you’ll see the option to leave.
Sure! Simply by checking Block User on the button that appears next to the name of the user in the Chat Park.
The Chat Park is the meeting point of the community. All your connections can write to you as long as you haven't blocked them.
It’s the place where you can chat with your connections in Classicspark. You can chat individually in My chats and in Group in My Groups.
It’s very simple! Choose days and time slots you want to leave available to give your online lessons in Classes/My space.
You may request online lessons to all musicians which have marked the option “open to teaching online” (you can also teach in Classicspark!) . Whenever you request a lesson the calendar with the available slots for that teacher will open. After choosing your slot and the amount of time you need a request will be sent. If the teacher accepts, you will receive an email with a payment link and later the link to access the online class. That’s all!
Go to the Payments section, then click on the event you want to request a refund and click the button that says refund. Remember, you have up to 3 days after the event to request a refund from the organizer. The organizer reserves the right to accept or reject the request.
We believe that if you feel free to rate, others will feel free to rate you as well.
If you upload a video to Classicspark it’s understood that you own this video. If not, you should have permission and/or authorization to do so.
Here we will put all concerts and videos uploaded to Classicspark for you to see. Enjoy!
If you like a video, audio, photo, or comment, send them an applause!
Photos must be in JPG, PNG, or format and cannot exceed 7MB. Videos on Classicspark can be uploaded by YouTube and also Classicspark. We accept practically all types of codecs.
After requesting the transfer from your balance in Classicspark to your personal bank account, it will take as long as it takes for your bank to process the transfer. But it is usually not more than 3 days in most cases.
It is very important that you verify your bank account number well. If it has not arrived in 10 days, write to us at the email:
Classicspark wants to be of utility for the classical music community providing tools for their self-sustaining. Nevertheless, each musician, independently of where they are, must comply with their local tax laws and requirements.
Sure, you’ll always have the possibility to block any user you may need to. You can do this at Settings - Privacy - Block user or also at Chat Park, in the window which appears by clicking on any user’s name.
Don`t worry, whenever you want to log in to Classicspark there will always be an “I forgot my password…” and through a few simple steps you will obtain a new one.
Classicspark has two platforms:, where all classical musicians can connect with each other and which will be the meeting point with the public through online events.
You can do it any time by clicking on Add personal contacts in My place. You can add your personal contacts from Gmail.
If you offer any kind of product or service related to music please feel free to place an add in the only social network for classical musicians. Just go to the “Create an add” which is on the bottom of any of the classicspark pages and in minutes you’ll be able to place your add.
If you are receiving spam from a service you can block this service the same way a user is blocked. You can do by clicking on Settings- Privacy- Block User or in the Chat Park, in the tab that appears when clicking on the user`s name.
It's easy! After registering you will see that there are many things you can do in Classicspark, but we suggest starting with: Add your photos, videos, music and bio to start building your portfolio. Do this in the corresponding tabs in My Corner, which will be the place where your profile will be. Go to “near you” so you can see which musicians, bands, agents, etc. are close to you and start creating your network of connections. You can also publish and organize concerts, events, search for jobs, chat, create forums, search for services near you and much more.
No. Classicspark is absolutely free.
Classicspark will only delete profiles that may contain offensive content and/or may violate the legal conditions of the network. If your profile has been deleted/eliminated and you think you have not violated any normative from the network, contact us through our e-mail
If you want to delete your profile go to the Settings-Delete profile.
Yes. You can download our applications for both Iphone and Android. In addition, classicspark is adaptive, so you can connect whenever you want from a tablet or smartphone.
Hi! Classicspark is a dynamic place where classical music is what brings us together. It's the beginning of a stronger and closer community where we can feel free to share our passion. Here go the ideas that have motivated us to create Classicspark : Exchanging promotes growth. We have the same interest we should express and share. All classical musicians, in any corner of the world, should feel like in a big family. We want to empower musicians by creating opportunities. We believe we should be able to organize events (online and in person) creating a centralized platform for sharing and engaging. Every musician should know which other musicians live close by. Every musician should be able to put together an ensemble in a new city. Provide solutions for any eventuality that may arise in the musician's daily life: find an accompanying pianist for tests that are not in your city, find an instrument repairman (or any other service) in my town or on a trip, etc. All Job offers should be easy to find. If you believe in these ideas like us, start building this great community and join Classicspark!
If you want to edit your profile, you can do it by going to Settings/Edit Profile and changing any information you want. By going to My Place you can also add/edit your personal information such as the place you work/worked at, your studies, and ensembles you play in.
Easy! Go to the Publish button located in the Events tab of My Space and start organizing an event to publish it.
Access the Search Engine and then the option Events. Here you can search by country, city or near you. We have also put a sidebar on the left side of the vast majority of pages so that you can see at all times what events are near you.
If you want to delete your profile, you can simply go to Settings/Delete Profile
By default, any person who navigates through Classickspark. Nevertheless, if you wish to modify the privacy parameters you can do it on Settings/Privacy.
A musical gathering is how we have called all musical events that are not a concert. Gatherings can be: Audition/Rehearsal, Conference, Course/Seminar, Masterclass, Schubertiade and Musical get-together.
If you want to publish an event, in the process you can always decide who can see its publication as well as who can attend. If you publish a private event, you will send the invitation only to the people you want. If you publish a public event, it will be published online and anyone can attend.
Sure, you’ll always have the possibility to block any user you may need to. You can do this at Settings - Privacy - Block user or also at Chat Park, in the window which appears by clicking on any user’s name.
In Classickspark we take seriously the privacy of the users. This is why we try to offer the maximum amount of tools for you to always control your privacy. If you want to set the privacy of your profile on the net, just go to Settings/Privacy and you can change all the filters you want.
The data you provide in the registry are necessary for the normal functioning of the net. Classickspark does not provide data or personal information about its users to third parties. We also offer tools for you to share only the information you want. By going to Settings/Privacy you can establish different parameters for you to decide what to share and with whom.
Classicspark does not deliver data nor personal information of its users to third parties and gives you tools to share only the information you wish to. In Settings/Privacy you may determine different parameters in order to decide with whom and what you share.
We recommend you to see this basic streaming tutorial we have put together for you.

How can I stream?
If you cannot finish your online event, your viewers may ask for a refund. These requests you will find in your Refunds section in the Payments/My Space.