About us

Hi! Classicspark is a dynamic place where classical music is what brings us together. It's the beginning of a stronger and closer community where we can feel free to share our passion. Here go the ideas that have motivated us to create Classicspark : Exchanging promotes growth. We have the same interest we should express and share. All classical musicians, in any corner of the world, should feel like in a big family. We want to empower musicians by creating opportunities. We believe we should be able to organize events (online and in person) creating a centralized platform for sharing and engaging. Every musician should know which other musicians live close by. Every musician should be able to put together an ensemble in a new city. Provide solutions for any eventuality that may arise in the musician's daily life: find an accompanying pianist for tests that are not in your city, find an instrument repairman (or any other service) in my town or on a trip, etc. All Job offers should be easy to find. If you believe in these ideas like us, start building this great community and join Classicspark!